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Dolly, Milo & Coco's Little Style Story

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Looking for styling inspiration? Mum of three, Nicola, not only dresses herself effortlessly cool, she also outfits her three children, Dolly Alice, Milo Maddox and Coco Kitty beautifully. 

We've taken some style notes from her to share with you...


Describe your children’s style... does it match their personalities? 

You know, I’ve never really thought about it but I guess you could say so... Dolly (aged 6) is often described as an old soul and she is often absolutely killing it in a vintage dress. We love @eandekidsvintage and @wolfandmabel for amazing quality & absolutely beautiful pieces. 

Milo (aged 4) is so fun and wild and he absolutely LOVES leopard print. He regularly comes out his room at 6.30am in his favourite @mini_rodini or @cribstar leopard print leggings, his batman cap and @heydiscobaby sequin jacket ready to absolutely boss the day ahead. He’s very stylish, he puts outfits together very well... Dolly on the other hand puts together some seriously questionable combos. 

Ive really enjoyed playing dress up with Coco since she was born in October... I mean, what better to do in lockdown than take photos of your baby in cute outfits? Coco is quite petite and looks so beautiful in all the delicate pieces in autumnal colours and chunky knits she’s been in over autumn & winter but I’m looking forward to her spring wardrobe evolving. I bought a gorgeous little blue jumper with spring flowers embroidered on it for her the other day and it suits her so much. 

Name some of your go to brands / shops for the kids? 

E and E kids Vintage @eandekidsvintage and Wolf & Mabel @wolfandmabel are fantastic for vintage pieces, The Little Worn Store @thelittlewornstore has the most beautifully hand embroidered baby name cardigans - I now have Cocos newborn cardigan hanging in her room (on a @myredhandgang hanger, naturally) as a keepsake, just looking at it makes me smile. 

I always love H&M for their organic cotton basics, Zara have great on trend pieces too but they often don’t wash so well... 

Arket is a new favourite for basics too. 

Annie Bing has the coolest kids range & is absolutely fantastic for timeless, unisex pieces that last. 

Oh and I’ve been investing in Mini Rodini and Bobo Choses pieces since Dolly was born and they’ve been handed down to Milo & will go to Coco too.

My local Sainsbury’s recently had a refurb and I think I have bought something for Coco from the Tu range almost every time I’ve gone in there of late.. I cannot wait to browse the shops again post-lockdown, I definitely get more inspiration from wandering around the shops and putting looks together in my head.

However, on the flip side, being unable to go to the shops has definitely encouraged me to shop small and make the effort to find more sustainable brands. Ive also found great pleasure in hand-me-downs. One of my closest friends has a daughter about 11 weeks older than Coco and she has kindly given me so many of her daughters clothes. There is something special about hand me downs and luckily for me, my friend has fabulous style so I’ve loved everything she has given us. Another friend has two girls only 14 months apart and buys two of everything and has given me bags and bags full of beautiful clothes too, I feel very lucky. 


Baby style essentials? 

Ive completely changed what I like for Coco compared to how I dressed Dolly as a baby. I love beautifully detailed blouses, handmade knits & bloomers. Classic pieces in seasonal palettes. However, you can’t beat a baby in a simple white sleepsuit can you? 


Anything you’ve got your eye on for the kids atm? 

Coco needs a new pramsuit although I haven’t actually started looking yet, its on my never ending to-do list... 


People often complain there’s not as much choice for boys clothing as there is girls, as a mum of both, would you agree? Any extra tips for boy mums when it comes to dressing their little ones? 

I do agree, yes. 

I find things I love for the girls anywhere and everywhere, yet for Milo its more difficult. My husband often picks clothes out for Milo (in a completely different style to what I like, I might add!!!) and he always goes a size or two bigger which always makes clothes look cooler on him, so my tip is to go a size up for an oversized look. Lockdown has made this impossible but I think a good hairstyle can make any outfit look better, especially for boys. 


Mum uniform?

I live in trainers or boots, more recently I absolutely love my @grensonshoes Nanette hiker boot, they’re a game changer. 

I mean, do we wear anything other than loungewear right now? What did I wear before pregnancy and lockdown? I think I’ll be starting my wardrobe all over again once life starts to resume some sort of normality so watch this space!



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