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Lucia’s Little Style Story

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Welcome to our new collection of features, MY Little Style Story.

We will be chatting to the mamas of some Instagram's most stylish little ones to discover their favourite outfits, places to shop, style tips, where they go for inspiration, and everything else to help you lead a stylish life with kids. Because, even when we have absolutely nothing under control, if we attempt to look like we do, we're halfway there. Fake it, till you make it, right? 

First up we catchup with the beautiful Melissa (melissa_carter89), a yoga teacher from Cardiff and mum to the adorable Lucia. 

Describe your Little one’s style. Does it match her personality?

I would say Lucia’s style is comfortable, but cute. She won't wear anything that’s uncomfortable ( same as me ) so comfort is key! But I love boho look on kids.

Where are your favourite places to shop for Lucia? What are your favourite brands? 

My Favourite places to shop for Lucia are Zara, H&M and Baby Mori, as well as baby boutiques such as Dannie and Lilou, Boho Boutique, Freya Lillie and Quinn and Coco.

What’s your favourite item of clothing for Lucia? 

So far Freya Lillie romper that she wore on holiday.

What was the last thing you bought for Lucia? 

The last thing I bought was a rainbow knit jumper from Zara. This is for when she starts nursery in a few months.

Where do you find style inspiration for Lucia? 

Browsing Instagram and genuinely just buying what I think she will get her wear out of as well as looking cute!


Favourite kids style accounts to follow on Instagram? 

Freya Lillie for sure, Mae and Rae, Bohemia's Closet, and Hubble and Duke.

How would you describe your style?

Casual, comfortable, chic. I love lose style shirts and clothing . Less is definitely more. Definitely more of an espadrilles type person than heels.

What was your maternity style? 

A whole bunch of midi dresses, with long floaty jackets for 9 months basically.

What beauty product could you not live without?

Estée Lauder advanced night repair.

Do you have any mum style hacks to share? 

Not a hack but just mum bun. All day every day, because who has time to do their hair?

Thank you so much for your time Melissa. We have loved hearing more about Lucia’s Little Style Story. You’ve mentioned some of our favourite brands & introduced us to a few new ones too. Best of luck to you and Lucia with starting nursery, and you must send us a pic of her in that rainbow sweater - it sounds adorable. 

If you would like to share your little ones style story, email me at or start tagging #mylittlestylestory to photos of your mini's favourite outfits. 


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