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Ozzy & Otto's Little Style Story

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We catchup with fashion designer mum, Sarah (aka @styleandtheboys) to chat about her favourite places to shop for kids, where she looks to for inspiration and how she likes to style the boys. 
Describe the boys' style. Does it match their personalities?
I would say their styles are very similar - i like them in neutral colours with minimal prints - relaxed laid back silhouettes to match their chilled personalities.
Where are your favourite places to shop for Ozzy & Otto? What are your favourite brands? 
On the High St I'd say Zara & H&M - nursery clothes for Otto i tend to go to supermarkets or he's got his brothers hand me downs (poor kid)
What’s your favourite item of clothing for Ozzy & Otto? 
I love Otto in a onesie - keeping him in baby clothes for as long as possible!
For Ozzy i like him in lots of tonal coloured layers - oversized sweatshirts esp!
You have a passion for interiors, where did the inspiration for the boys' rooms come from? 
Pinterest is definitely a go to for inspiration as well as Instagram 
Best places to shop for kids homewares? 
Again, Zara & H&M along with independent stores such as The Bebehive, Acorn & Pip & Star & Bean
What was the last thing you bought for them? 
For Otto a cord reversible coat from Zara & Ozzy some new trainers from Next which are already filthy!
Where do you find style inspiration for childrenswear? 
I find style from marketing campaigns and all over social media. 
As a fashion designer, have you ever thought about designing childrenswear - what do you think is missing in the market? 
There's a lot of cool styles for boys out there at the minute but they can be quite pricey when they don't seem to be i them for 2 minutes. 
People often complain that there is just not as much choice for boys as there is for girls, do you agree? 
I think for baby/toddler ages there's a lot out there for boys but the coolness seems to disappear when they get bigger.
Favourite kids style accounts to follow on Instagram? 
Star and bean. Scandiborn. Zara. Also great mum style accounts such as @Lucy.Nicholls_  @franki.dammone, @thefashionablepan,  @hattiebourn @motherhood_styled & @annabremwilson 
Do you have any mum style hacks to share? 
Thankfully I saved most of Oscars old clothes so they’ve been great for Otto! I size up normally so they last longer and recently just purchased a few bits in the sales for them 
Thank you so much for sharing Sarah. 
Hopefully this feature has helped you discover some new brands or style accounts to follow. Looking for more inspiration? Head over to Lucy's account @styleandtheboys where she continues to share their daily style. 
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