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Rae & Ava's Little Style Story

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Mama to twin girls, Casey ( @motherhood_styled ) reveals her favourite places to shop for the girls and their most treasured wardrobe items. She shares what's next on their wishlist, where she looks for kids styling inspiration and some mum style hacks. 

Describe the girls' style. Does it match their personalities? 

I would say the girl’s style is very much comfy chic! Their style really does match their personalities; they are very free spirited little girls who like adventure. As much as I like to put them in pretty dresses (and Ava loves them too) most of the time we have outfits that are a mixture of pretty but practical.

Where are your favourite places to shop for Rae and Ava? What are your favourite brands? 

There are so many gorgeous brands out there but I would say my go to always seems to be H&M and Zara. H&M always have the best prices and quality... plus I’m loving the mini me range they are doing now. Zara always impress from cute dresses to the best dungarees. Plus Zara is my fave for shoes for the girls too! I also love Primark for the girls, you can’t go wrong with Primark they have got some seriously cute bits in there at the minute. I also love Tu at Sainsbury’s they do really gorgeous bits (especially for babies!) and I love George at Asda for their PJ’s! 

What’s your favourite item of clothing for Rae and Ava? 

I bought the girls last summer, in the sale, a romper each from Freya Lillie, they are beautiful!! 

What was the last thing you bought for Rae and Ava? 

I bought them some really beautiful blouses from H&M which were £7.99 - they do them in 3 different colours and of course we had to have all 3! 


What's the next thing you want to buy for Rae and Ava? 

I’m looking out for more A/W bits for them. As you can imagine buying 2 of everything can be very costly so I try to make a start early on to build their wardrobe for the next season. I always look for some nice shoes or boots for the girls in the winter, this year I think I’ll invest in a classic pair of t-bar shoes Ananás have some gorgeous ones. 


Where do you find style inspiration for Rae and Ava? 

I pretty much dress the girls how I dress and styles that inspire me. As much as I love them looking cute my main priority is that they are comfortable... but we try to do it with a bit of style! 


Favourite kids style accounts to follow on Instagram? 

I love Margo_Elsie_And_Me and also mamaloveshighstreet they always have the loveliest bits. I also love betsyharriet_hairwear for the best bows. I also want to get the girls some leggings and tops from we are kidly.  


Do you have any mum style hacks to share? 

I really try not to go too mad on the girls clothing now (although it never quite ends up that way!) however I realised after the first year of having the girls how much little wear they get out of their clothes really! The amount of clothes they out grow or hardly get wear out of that end up in the charity piles is gutting. I also look for their next season’s clothes in the sales - it’s a great way to save some money and prepare for the coming months. And finally you don’t have to spend £££ for nice children’s clothes, they get ruined (they’re kids after all) and they out grow them so quickly and the high street do so many gorgeous bits. 

We have loved hearing more about Rae and Ava's Little Style Story. Thank you for joining us Casey. 

If you would like to share your little ones style story, email me at or start tagging #mylittlestylestory to photos of your mini's favourite outfits. 


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